Provide effective and proficient services through customer-friendly technology and service management.

Get feedback to help increase efficacy and quality of services provided through an automated feedback process. Execute voice of customer program effectively to boost customer experience and loyalty.

Offer customers the opportunity to voice their problems through call center management systems, including inbound call distribution (ACD), outbound predictive dialling, and interactive voice response (IVR). Ensure cross distribution of integrated reporting and easy escalations. Enable call recognition, call routing, call logging and automated call flows.

Resolve issues and problems in a timely manner by capturing customer complaints through multi-media channels: social media, web form voice, email, sms, etc. Delegate to specific team experts and ensure timely resolution.

Ensure speedy resolution of problems by setting up Service Level Agreements for external and internal stakeholders. Hold them accountable and put an escalation level process in place in case of non-resolution of issues.

Automate your approvals process for seamless transactions and to ensure that they are compliant with rules laid out.

Periodically post updates about your business through succinct, well written auto replies and templates to customers


Fondos understands the angst and apprehensions employees go through to embrace new technologies. We are committed to working with your people to ensure a win-win situation.

We offers an easy, seamless and least disruptive way of migrating from current systems. We will extensively study your readiness capability before we embark on the migration process. Fondos will spend time to completely understand your requirements and offer best solutions for your business to become more efficient and stronger. To ensure least interruption and risk, we will work with your management and employees to understand their immediate and deferrable needs and make the migration accordingly. We will also work to improve existing systems and make recommendations


Depending on your requirements, the implementation could be done quickly or in a phased manner to ensure least disruption. In consultation and collaboration with your management, timelines, specification costs and deliverables will be clearly defined and effectively delivered.

Post the implementation, we will continue to engage with you and offer solutions to teething problems.


In addition to developing new products and customizing for customers, the Fondos team will ensure that the end users are adequately trained to enhance and impact organizational productivity.

Our solutions have an inbuilt manual for training and also a train the trainer facility so that the workflows, screens and complete functioning is clear to the last mile for effective implementation.

The training for UMS (User Management systems) & CMS (Content management system) is imparted for L1 (Level 1) support.


In an increasingly competitive market environment, it is important to keep up with trends and maximize your knowledge about customer insights. We offer you Data Mining models to help analyse trends and build customer retention modules. This will help you individualise and address the needs of your customers, based on their behaviour, and send out right messaging. It will also assist you in conceptualizing long term strategies.